Rules and Regulations 

      DEMOLITION DERBY        Rules and Regulations ​
    Mini Car Rules
1.Any front wheel drive 1980 and newer no SUV vehicle
2.HHR and PT cruisers are aloud.
3.No Full Frame cars or full-size cars. No V8
4.Strip all flammable materials from car. Dash may stay.
5.Remove all glass (absolutely no windshields)
6.Gas tank may be left in factory position as long as it is mounted in front of the rear axle.
7.Gas tank may be mounted to back seat area if mounted a 4” gap to any surrounding sheet metal.
8.Absolutely no milk crates to hold down batteries or gas cans!!!!! Safety First!!!!
9.Drivers’ door may be wired, chained, or welded solid. All others doors welded 3 spots on vertical door seam 3’’ square plates or chained or wired in 3 spots only.
10.Car may have a driver’s door plate not to be 6” past door.
11.Tops of doors may wired in one spot 3 wraps max.
12.Trunk lid, hatches, gate may be welded in 6 spots with 3” x 3” square plates, or wired in 6 spots 3 wraps max.
13.Trunk may have 1 piece of 5/8 threaded all through trunk.
14.Hood may have 4 pieces of 5/8 thread all 2 through top of core support and 1 on each side of fender. Or wired in 4 places max of 3 wraps.
15.10” hole cut in hood.
16.Creasing of rear quarter panels and front fenders are allowed.
17.Any tire rim combo (NO protectors of any kind)
18.Must run factory drive line on factory motor mounts.
19.Any factory car bumper. Bumpers may be seam welded. DEC bolt together bumpers are allowed.
20.Bumpers may be welded on.
21.Bumper sheds, crush boxes may be removed.
22.Bumpers may be wired to frame in 2 places.
23.May have 4x6 tubing bumper , no fab bumpers (front point) straight or factory 
24.May weld ¼” 6x6 plate to bumper to give a flush mounting point to weld. Must be flush with end of frame.
25.Bumpers may be no wider than the width of the front tires. 
26.4 bar floating cage allowed around driver’s compartment no bigger than 4 x 4 square tube no further than 6” behind the driver’s seat. No down legs. Roll over bar may extend off cage.
27.Do not touch or alter K frame mounts in any way!!!!!
28.Front windshield must have a bar or wire to prevent hood from entering driver’s area.
29.Battery must be moved to front floorboard area securely mounted and covered.
30.One battery only.
31.All airbag assemblies must be completely removed.
32.Absolutely no spray foam allowed
33.On fresh cars patch plates are allowed (2) 1/4 inch x 4 x 6. On pre ran cars you are allowed (4) 1/4 inch x 4 x 6

At anytime you wish to protest during the event it will be a fee of a $100 before it will be looked into.
 Come out and enjoy a family friendly event with some hard hitting!
Bill Garrison 765-698-4051
Devon Nickolas 317-512-2903
John Adams 765-265-5714
Dave Friend 812-212-3755

Everton Full Size Gut N Go Rules

This class is for fun and is an easy build. Don’t do any more than the rules state!! You only get 3 infractions; any more than that and you are loaded!!! This is your only warning!!!!
If rules don’t say you can, then you can’t!
Any American made full size cars are allowed except for, 03 and newer crown vics, Imperials, Hearse, Suicide Lincolns, Checkers, and Limousines.

Driver’s door must be painted white!
Remove all glass, chrome, mirrors, plastic and decking in wagons. Dash may stay in the car.
Hood & trunk must be open for inspection. No Exceptions!
Body seams cannot be creased, screwed, bolted or welded. Basically, don’t touch the body. Wheel wells may be cut out for tire clearance only.
No welding or patching of body panels anywhere.
NO WELDING unless stated in rules.
Driver’s door may be wired, chained or welded solid, vertical seams only. A steel driver’s door skin will be allowed, or you may use a steel plate ¼” thick not to exceed 6” past door seam bolted on securely. Door plate is mandatory and must be at least 3" past each door seam and between 10"-16" wide, unless you have a cage. All other doors may be chained or wired in 2 spots per seam only or 2-3"x3" plates on vertical seam only. May wire 1 spot per window on top of doors. Roof signs are strongly recommended.
One spot only, per door, may be wired or chained around frame 3 wraps max. No wire to frame from the cage or roof!!! A 2-door car can wrap at the front of the door and back of the door.
No lacing of windows with wire or chain.
3/8” max size if chained.
Hoods may have four tie downs #9 wire or chain. You may run 2 pieces of ⅝ all thread through the frame core support and threw the hood. May have 2” spacers between core support and frame. NO half hoods. Hood must have 2 holes cut on both sides of the carburetor for fire crew access.
Trunks may be #9 wired or chained in 6 spots with a 12” inspection hole, wagons 4 tie downs on tailgate. May run ½ trunk lids or a simple 90-degree bend.
Note: Wire on hood and trunk must be sheet metal to sheet metal, NOT around the frame. Places where the wire goes through the body may have a 3/4" hardware store washer, no bigger welded all the way around.
All body mounts must remain original factory OEM mounts. Any broken body mounts/bolts may have 2 strands of #9 wires ran through the body and frame. No changing, replacing or repairing body bolts.
Windshield: One Bar, wire or chain allowed from firewall/cowl to roof, to prevent hood from coming through windshield is Mandatory!! No more than 6” above the windshield and below the firewall/cowl.
You can wire (3 wraps max) core support to the bumper in 2 spots. Nothing in front of radiator.
May crease the rear quarters and fenders.

Rear frame can be dimpled and or notched, No Welding allowed. No hump plates.
No tilting in any way. On fresh cars patch plates are allowed (2) 1/4 inch x 4 x 6. On pre ran cars you are allowed (4) 1/4 inch x 4 x 6. No Pre-Bending. No spray foam anywhere on the car.
NO shorting of frames on any vehicle.

Drive Train:
Engine swaps allowed but MUST be the same make. GM to GM, Ford to Ford, Chrysler to Chrysler.
Motor and Transmission (No aftermarket bells or tails) mounts must be factory OEM. They must be bolted and not welded.
Factory cross members from your make, model, and year car only. Must be bolted in. 
NO protectors of any kind anywhere!
You may weld spider gears.
Rear end must be a factory OEM to make the car. No axle swaps must be all factory.
You can wire or put hose clamps on rear coil springs to keep from coming out, not hold the rear of the car down.
Leaf spring cars must use only factory spring clamps and a number of spring leafs. No flat leafs
Headers allowed, must point up, but if stock manifolds are used you must have 2 holes in the hood in case of fire.
Radiator must remain in stock location. Absolutely no spray foam around the radiator
Transmission coolers are allowed, but must be mounted under the hood.
No slider drive shafts!!! You may cut and reweld the drive shaft for desired length.

Driver Compartment:
If you don’t have a cage, then door plate/door skin is Mandatory!!
Optional 4-point floating cage. Cage bars can be up to 4” x 4” square tube, Side bars only can be 2” x 6”as an option. No cage inside of doors!!!
No down legs or kickers of any kind.
Side bars can’t exceed the dash bar, 60” max door bar length, rear bar 6” max behind driver’s seat, and must be a minimum of 6" above the factory body mount height. Dash bars must be 5” from the firewall and all bars must be 5” off the transmission tunnel.
Roll over bar permitted. Must be straight up and down. Can be welded to side bars also must be bolted or welded to the roof. No farther back than 6” from the rear seat.
You can weld the cage to the door post and steering column to secure the cage.
Gas tank and battery must be moved, secured and covered. (1 battery only).
Battery holder bolted to floor sheet metal (4 bolts max). Limit size of battery holder. Proportioned to the size of the battery. Not to cover the whole floorboard.
Gas tank holders are allowed but must remain 6 " from the rear sheet metal (Don’t beat metal back) and no more than 30 inches wide, and in the center of the car (4” off the floor pan). Gas tank can be bolted to the floor if NOT attached to the cage. No bolts, all thread, or Metal is attaching the holder to the floor.
Steering column must have factory steering column. Quick release steering wheel ok. No Hime joints or after market columns.
Simple push pull shifters are allowed. 
Floor pans that are rusted out may be repaired/patched with OEM size sheet metal by bolting, zip screw or rivets to existing pan.
After market steering column's, gas pedals, and shifters are allowed

Bumper swaps allowed. Must be a factory automobile bumper but can be loaded, but we are going to allow you to load it or you may run square tubing bumpers may use up to 4x6 tubing can not run past tires . Front & Rear bumpers can be mounted with up to (8) ½” bolts total or wired on in 4 places with #9 wire. Bumpers may be welded to shock face/flange or may weld to frame. You may weld a shock tube all the way around. 
No bolting all the way through bumpers and/or bumper shocks.
Max bumper height is 20” no lower than 14”.
May slot bumper to bolt on. NO adding metal. May chain or wire (3 wraps max) bumpers to secure in no more than 2 spots. One 10” long 3/8” link chain per bumper shock. One bolt to attach the chain to the frame, ½” max diameter.
DEC bolt together bumpers are allowed  

Tires & Rims:
Any Tire allowed. No foam filled or press on tires allowed.
Factory OEM style rims only, Uni-lug center’s (6”max dia.) ok. NO Full Centers, bead locks or lip guards allowed. Valve stem protectors ok.
No studs in tires or screwed to rims. 
You can use 1” lug nuts

Factory OEM stock, front and rear must be same model as the vehicle. ( Ford / Ford , Mopar / Mopar , Gm / Gm )
No kicking spring’s, blocks or clamps on shocks. You may run store bought spacers or you may bolt them down.  All cars must bounce. You may run store bought twists in spring spacers.
Cars must have working brakes.
May wire A arms down no more than 3 wraps.

Welds only allowed on: Spider gears, cage, doors & bumpers.
Always ask, never assume. “IF IT DOESN’T SAY YOU CAN, THEN YOU CAN’T!!!”
Drivers are only allowed in the inspection area; no other crew is allowed. You will pre-pay before inspection. If your car does not pass inspection, NO Refunds!
Drivers must wear DOT helmet, eye protection, long pants, and long sleeve shirt and closed toed shoes. Fire suits are always recommended, but not required. Helmets must stay on the entire time in the car. Only get out of the car if told okay to do so. Drivers must make an aggressive hit every 60 seconds.
Inspection will start approximately 3 hours prior to the event, please be on time. Inspection closes 1 hour prior to event start time. NO Exceptions!!!

At anytime you wish to protest during the event it will be a fee of a $100 before it will be looked into.
  For more information please Contact within respectable hours:
  Bill Garrison 765-698-4051
  Devon Nickolas at 317-512-2903
John Adams 765-265-5714 Dave Friend 812-212-3755



  For more information please Contact:

Bill Garrison 765-698-4051
Devon Nickolas at 317-512-2903
John Adams 765-265-5714    
 Dave Friend 812-212-3755

Mini Vans/Trucks/SUVS 

Any American-made 1980’s & newer mini vans, trucks, and SUVs ONLY. No hearses or limos allowed.  
Helmet, seat belt, long sleeves/pant and eye protection must be worn at all times on the track.  
Any questions call first. If it doesn't say you can don't do it.  
Cars must be stock.  
ABSOLUTELY No painting of the frames.  
Car must be swept clean of debit & glass before coming to event.  
oThe following must be removed prior to entering the fairgrounds, windows, headlights, taillights, all chrome and mirrors.  
Do not strip under the hood. 
omove the battery to the floor inside the car. You may lengthen the cables to reach the battery on the floor not the wiring harness. This will be strictly enforced.  
JUDGES DECSISON IS FINAL. All cars are subjected to re-inspection at ANY time.  

Car Building:  
Must be 100% stock!!  
No cross breeding entire drive must be same make as car (Chevy to Chevy, Ford to Ford and so on) Must appear to be factory engine to car with stock exhaust.  
1.Engine must be mounted with stock mounts in stock position.  
No welding of mounts must be bolted only.  
2.No homemade cross members. Cross members must be stock and bolted in not welded.  
3.Doors must be chained or wired. No more than 8 places per door the wire from the bottom of doors may go around frame. You may use 5/6” chain or 2 strands of #9 wire per hole.  
4.Trunks must be chained or wired. No more than 8 places; 2 of these may go around bumper and/or frame.  
Car must have deck lid and or tailgate No welding or adding metal. Trunk lid must be in stock location. No tucking, wedging, pre bending, smashing, folding or anything else you can think of. No welding washers for holes.  
5.Hoods may be wired or chained in 8 spots. You may use 5/16” chain or 2 strands of #9 wire per hole. It must be sheet metal to sheet metal only. No welding washers for holes. Must be 12" hole in hood in case of fire. Remove hood latch!!! Hood must be open for inspection.  
6.Any tires permitted; double tires permitted. NO foam filled tires & no valve stem protectors.  
7.You may leave stock gas tank in stock location or you may relocate the fuel tank to rear floor of car if this is done you must use a fuel cell or boat tank. No stock fuel tanks allowed inside of car.  
Must only have 3 gallons of gas. You may be asked to drain it if the gauge doesn't work.  
8.remove windshield!  
10.Stock type springs and shocks. No solid suspension. SCREW IN TYPE spring risers ARE OK, NO wire, chains or any weld on rear ends or rear spring pockets. Cars must bounce & cars must be STOCK!!!!!  
11.You must use factory rear end for the car you are running.  
12.You may weld spider gears in rear end to make it posi. No gears are allowed, you must use stock axles. You are not allowed to change the gear ratio or use aftermarket axles. This will be the driver’s responsibility to prove they are not changed.  

You may use any factory car bumper on car or square tube bumper up to 4x6 tubing DEC bolt together bumpers allowed . It must bolt or may weld on in the factory location and you may collapse the shocks and weld all the way around the shock and the plate to bumper. If car has no shocks bumper may be welded directly to frame with no metal added.  
On the back side of bumper where shock mounts you may use a ¼” X 6” X 6” piece of flat metal to create a flat mounting surface.  

14.If the car has a wiring harness in front of core support, you may move it behind core support.  
15.All body bolts must be factory stock no altering permitted.  

Read all rules carefully and follow them!  
It will be a cheap easy build. 
There will be no stretching or bending of any rules or you will either run in the modified class or go home!!  
Judge’s Decision are Final!!!!
For more information please Contact:

Bill Garrison 765-698-4051
Devon Nickolas at 317-512-2903
John Adams 765-265-5714  
Dave Friend 812-212-3755

Motor Swap 

General Rules :
Any American made full size cars are allowed except for, 03 and newer crown vics, Imperials, Hearse, Suicide Lincolns, Checkers, and Limousines.

1.A 5 Infraction limit, anymore and you are loadedI

2.Any American made full size car is eligible to compete except for; 73 or older Chrysler lmperials1 2003 and newer Fords1 Hearses1 Suicide Lincolns1 4x4's1 Limousines1 or checker cabs. Any parts being swapped from cars:.must be from the same era and must be GM to GM, Ford to Ford, Chrysler to Chrysler. If you have any questions text or call.

3.You must pass inspection within 2 times or you will not run.
4.A 12'' x 12'' roof sign is mandatory.
5.Vehicles must be stock, unless modifications are stated in the rules.
6.A helmet, seat belt, and eye protection must be worn at. All times while on the track.
7.If the driver gets out of his or her car for any reason other than an emergency, that driver is considered out, and will not be allowed back in.
8.Any controversies or protests must be brought up during the driver's meeting.
9.All airbags, glass, plastic, bumper covers, rear speakers, wheel weights, and interior must be removed before arriv·ing to the event.
10.· No painting of the frames, inside of the car, underneath of the car, or inside of the'
trunk. If you do the car will not even be inspected. No refunds I 111
11.Any patching or rust repair will only be allowed if preapproved in a text with pictures.
12.Official's decisions are final.
13.You have 1 minute to rnake an aggressive hit. After 1 minute that car is disqualified.
Don't argue or ignore tt1e officials to try to have more time. Once your time is up, the
call goes over the radio to write you down as out, even if you still have a stick_. Officials1
may reward more time to a person putting on a show and making big hits. 
14.You are allowed 2 fires. The second time your vehicle catches fire will result in a disqualification.
15.No sandbagging, teaming, or holding. We will stop the show and break your stick

1..Remove all glass, mirrors, chrome, plastic, and decking in wagons.
2.Creasing is allowed on rear quarters and front fenders ONLY. Hood must be open
for inspection. Quarters must stay in the vertical position.
3.All body mounts must remain stock and untouched. 2 core support bolts may be replaced with 3/4'' all thread max (may have a 4'' max spacer of 2x2 that is floating, not welded betweer1 core support and frame) through hood with 4''x4'' square plate
¼'' Max thickness as tie down plate on the hood (1 per side). The rear 2 body mounts may be replaced with 3/4'' all thread and may extend through the top of the trunk floor, may not go through trunk lid . Must have a 1 in. spacer between body and frame. The spacer can not be welded.
4.Drivers Door may be welded solid, vertical seam only. All other doors must be 3''on
3''off, vertical seams only. 3'' x 1/4'' strap max. Don't weld the bottom of doors to the rockers in any way. Driver's door may have a door plate that is welded or bolted to the door (may not go more than 6'' past seams). Door plate is mandatory if the car does not have a door bar!!!
5.All cars must have a Mandatory windshield bar, wire, or chain with no more than 6''
of attachment to the bottom edge of window and roof that prevents the hood from coming through the windshield. Max 1 bar
6.Places where the wire goes through the body may have a 1'' hardware store washer,
no bigger welded all the way around.
7.No lacing of windows with wire or chain. No wire or chain to pillars or top of car
8.Top of drivers doors may be beat over and welded with (3) 1'' welds. No plate.


1.Must have a hole cut in each half of hood for safety, header holes are good enough.
2.May use (10) zip screws or (10) 3/8'' bolts with 3/8'' hardware store washer to hold hood bracing and sheet metal together.
3.Hoods can be secured shut (not including your 2 spots of 1'' all thread) with ONE of the following:
a.(4) 2'' long pieces of 2'' x 2'' angle (No Thicker than 1/4'') with a single 3/8''
bolt through them.
b.(4) 3''x3''xl/-4'' plates with up to 3/ 4'' all th read max. 4''x4'' square plate ¼''
Max thickness as tie down plate for hood pins.
c.(4) spots of# 9 wire attaching hood to fender.
4.Sheet metal to sheet metal only for any of these methods.


1.Must remain on hinges or run no trunk lid.
2.The lid m·ust stay on top of the rain rails. No more than 50% of the trunk lid may be bent down at a 90 angle toward the trunk floor.
3.Must have lO''xlO'' inspection hole in the trunk lid.
4.Trunk can be welded 3'' on 5'' off, Single strap per seam centered on seam, 3''x¼'' strap


1.Stock frames. NO WELDING ANYWHERE ON FRAME (This includes seam welding)!!! All factory frame holes must be left open!!! NO EXCEPTIONS UNLESS RULES SAY YOU CAN!!!!
2.No creasing or shortening of the frames, front or rear, with the exception of 80 and newer cars may shorten up to 1'' in front of the core support mount. Old iron can square off frame in order to have a flat surface when hard nosing. If we think you cut more than what was needed to square frame off,
you will not run!!!
3.No tilting in any way. Cold bending is NOT allowed if we think you have
tilted car in any way you WILL NOT run
4.No boxing in of rear rails
5.Rear frame can be notched but no pre-bending.
6.Hump plates will be allowed. 22'' long must be contoured to frameplaced in the middle of hump face only. No Shaping plates. NO cutting will be allowed after inspection. If plates are too biyou don't run, NO REFUNDS! I
7.You are allowed (4) 4''x 6'' patches on frames; no more than a total of 4 patches per car(MAY ALLOW MORE LATER IN THE YEAR) and must have a 1'' gap between the plates (that goes for fresh car or pre-ran car). If you have plates on your frame from past shows they must be cut off completely (no windowing), no weld or slag left on frame and must be painted white. No angle for patches. No overlapping, shaping, or bending of the plate, they must stay flat. This is not to be used as a gusset in any way. Fords must have a 1/4'' gap between patch plate weld and stock flap frame weld. Patches must be painted white and declared.


1.Any engine may be used in any make car.
2.Lower motor mounts may be factorytock style (you may weld 1/4'' 4x6
plate from cradle to cross frame) or rwn after market motor mounts. If you choose to run after market mounts, they can be no bigger than the stock mounts. No solid motor mounts factory or aftermarket.
3.Lower mounts may be welded to cross frame only l
4.You may use two 1/2'' thick 7''x7'' spacers to raise engine. If you need more than 1/2 to raise engine to clear steering components, may not exceed rubber mount area. You may extend off back of cradle but nothing excessive, 1/2'' flat plate only (example in Caddy, Mopar). Nothing to frame No Exceptions I
5.No protectors of any kind on the engine, or transmission. No steel bells or tail shafts. You may run an aluminum ultra-bell on automatics but can not be used to hold down front of car. If we catch you trying to use ultra­ bell or blow proof bell to hold down car we will load you NO EXCEPTIONS. Manual transmissions may run a blow proof bell housing (if you cut your transmission tunnel, you may not replace or repair sheet metal around your
your transmission. no additional bolt or welding permitted. Lower.  
cradle with pulley protector allowed only(½'' max). Cradle may not exceed past middle of engine block (where factory mounts would bolt to block) and may go no higher than the header flange, do not go past the back of the heads, and do not touch the frame in any manner will be allowed. If your cradle has anything that goes under the front pulley; sway bar must be removed.
6.-Any factory stock OEM car cross member or square tube no bigger than
2''x2''. You may weld 2x2 angle by 4 in. to frame to mount cross member
(6'' away from the crush box). Do not bolt or weld to the floor in any way. If cross member is homemade it can be no longer than the one that came with that make or model of car and must be straight across.
7.Sliders allowed
8.· Pinion breaks allowed
9.Aftermarket tanks allowed up to 10 gallons


1.Radiators must remain in stock location.
2.Any automotive type radiator or aluminum radiator may be used.
3.No mounts that strengthen the core support will be allowed.
4.You may run either a factory Condenser or a piece of expanded metal no wider than 32'' and no thicker than 1/8'' in front of your radiator. It
can only be mounted with (8) 1'' welds or (6) 1/2'' bolts. No spray
foarr, around the radiator.
5.Electric fans are allowed.

Rear End:

1.Any factory rear end allowed. Any Gear. Any Axel size. You may weld new mounts onto rear end.
2.If your rear end has a brace it must be 6'' away from the frame and only be on one side of rear end (nothing excessive)
3.No all thread on rear ends.

4.Coil springs can be wired to rear-end and package tray tight
5.youmay chain rear end, (NO bigger than 3/8'' chain bolted together 1 per side). NO Welding
6.Leaf spring cars must use only factory springs ( no more then 5 per side) 2 inch stair stagger with 4 clamps max per side, 3''X4''x ¼'' max with ½'' all thread max.
7.Leafs can be relocated to bottom of frame with the following guidelines,
8.Mounts must be no bigger then (4) 3''x6''xl/4'' plates welded (1/2'' welds max) to frame front and back (1 plate per side of frame rail front and rear)

9.½'' hardware max to mount springs
10.Bolt must go through plate and not used as a pin through frame rail
11.Springs must remained arched(no flat springs)
12.98 and up Fords may move trailing arms inside of frame (Watt Links). You may use bolt in brackets to mount upper trailing arms. (4) 1/2'' bolts, nuts and washers max may be used per bracket. No welding washer nuts or bolts to package tray. Bolt in brackets may be no larger than 6''x12''max·and 3/8'' thick max. The bolt in brackets must be 2 separate brackets. The brackets may not be joined in any way or used to strengthen frame or body.
13.Lower trailing arm brackets may be taken from older Ford and welded in 1/2'' max welds. You may use 3''x3''xl/4''x3'' long max square tubing to mount lower trailing arms if you don't use the stock brackets from old Ford 1/2'' max welds. Do not bolt all the way through the frame, only through one side (DO NOT use it as a pin or it will be removed).
14.H. You must use a factory car trailing arms to mount rear end (No 2x2). NO homemade trailing arms
15.I. Trailing arms may be shortened or lengthened (1'' overlapped max) but may not be reinforced. This means no adding steel, material, substance or any kind of welding to them. You may use free floating washers on the bolts.
16.J. Each car is only allowed to have 4 trailing arms at a maximum
17.No leaf spring conversions

2.4-point floating cage; dash bar, two side bars, rear bar. (4''x4'' material max size) Optional side bars may be 2' x 6''.
3.(4) 2x2 down legs can be attached to the frame but must be located no closer than 4'' from the Box or S and no further back than 6'' past door post. They can be welded to top of side rails only and must be straight up and down with no other plates aiding in attachment. (Any questions call)
4.Side bars can't exceed the dash bar, 60'' max door bar length rear bar 6'' max behind driver's seat, and must be a minimum of 6'' above the factory body mount height. Dash
bar must be 5'' from firewall and all bars must be 5'' off the
transmission tunnel.
5.You can weld the cage to the door post, cowl and steering column to secure cage. You may have 2 bolts or 2 pieces of all thread (5/8'' all thread and washers max) from the cage
to the firewall in order to hold firewall in place, but no
Metal or welding to the firewall.
6.Gas tanks and batteries must be moved, safely secured, and covered.
7.Battery holder must be bolted to sheet metal (4 bolts max) or in the seat. Size of battery holder must be reasonable.
8.Gas tank protectors are allowed but must remain 6 '' from the rear firewall (Don't beat metal back) and no more than 30 inches wide, and in the center of the car (4'' off the floor pan). Gas tank can be bolted to the floor if NOT attached to the cage. No bolts, all thread, or Metal is attaching protector to the floor. Pre ran cars must have a 4'' gap between GTP and sheet metal before they will be allowed to run.
9.Roll over bar permitted. They may go to frame and must be straight up and down(This is 2 of your 4 2x2 down legs, so don't try to add extra). No farther back than 6'' from rear seat. It can be bolted to the roof with (2) 1/2'' bolts no more than 3'' off roll over bar max. No using roof sign to connect cage to the body in any way!!!
10.Transmission coolers are permitted. Must be 6'' above the floor if attached to cage or bolted to sheet metal floor only. May not strengthen car in any way. Must be covered or enclosed.
11.Floor shifters are allowed. Cable shifters allowed.
12.After market throttles are allowed, bolted to sheet metal or engine only.
13.After market brake systems are allowed. Maximum plate size is 17 inches long by 10 inches wide. Must be bolted to sheet metal only (4 bolts max).
14.0. All bolt-ins must remain minimum 411 from firewall


1.Any factory car bumper is permitted. DEC bolt together only allowed.
2.Homemade bumpers are allowed with the following stipulations:
a)A single pipe design no more than 7'' by 7''
b)No more of a point than that of a 1974 Impala bumper and must follow the same contour.
c)Must be rounded on the ends. No rough or jagged
3.You may bolt or weld bumper to a stock bumper shock (Maximum bolt size is½'') You may weld bumper shock face plate to the bumper (Front & Rear) no adding metal allowed. You may weld bumper to frame (Butt weld only, NO adding metal.) NO WELDING OF BUMPER OR BUMPER SHOCKS/BRACKETS PAST FIRST 4'' OF FRAME. If your car came with a bumper shock you must use the one that
came with the car. If your car did not come with a shock(example 71 Chevy) you may use a 74-76 BOP bracket mounted in stock location with stock bolts or weld an impala cup in the stock manner onto the frame with a single pass of weld, only welding described above. Text with pictures about special cars to mount the bumper legally.
4.You may use 3'' x ¼'' flat strap (1 per frame rail front and
back) to help hold bumper on no more than 4'' back on the frame. This is the only added metal allowed when mounting bumper.
5.Stock bumper brackets must stay in the stock locations. No altering brackets, no rear brackets on front. NO homemade shocks or brackets, if it looks homemade in anyway it won't run. Do not move brackets back on the frame when squaring it off, they must stay in the factory location.
6.Maximum bumper height is 20'' Minimum bumper height is 14'' On a fresh car if the bumper is less than 14'' off the ground due to sagging springs, the springs must be changed to meet the minimum height.
7.You can run #9 wire (3 wraps max) from core support to bumper in 2 spots. Nothing in front of the radiator.

Wheels and Tires:

1.Any Tire and wheel combo. 13'' to 16'' tire. Must be pneumatic. NO split rims, bare rims or studded tires. No bead locks or fully plated wheels on the outside.
2.Full wheel centers are fine.
3.You may run small weld on lip rings no wider than 2''
4.1-inch lug nuts are allowed. Valve stem protectors ok.

Suspension and Steering:

1.Factory stock onlyl
2.No strutting.
3.Stock steering components only (No Hydro steer). No aftermarket ball joints, tie rods, or spindles. Tie rod ends must remain stock ( May brace tie rods with angle iron or round tube). Nothing can connect spindles, A arms, or tie rods to keep suspension held together.
4.You can swap new style a-arms with old style a-arms but must be bolted in the stock manner (Do not do anything to strengthen between the a- arm brackets)
5.You may use (1) 3'' long½'' bolt per a-arm with hardware style washers to hold a-arm down or a 2''x2'' strap (1 per side of a­ arm). You may weld the bolt to the top of·the frame with a single pass of weld (don't put it on the car in any way to strengthen the car or you will lose the bolt)
6.After-market steering column allowed. No more than 2 knuckles in column. Steering wheel may be removable. No brackets to frame.


1.. A pre ran bent rail or clip may be replaced using the butt-weld method. If replacing a clip, it must be done at the side rail or in the side rail. We will use a level to check for pitch. You may only reclip the front frame or
rear rails of the car, not both. Must be the same make, and model. No clipping fresh cars
2.Body rust- If floor boards or body needs to be patched it must be done with same thickness sheet metal (20 gauge max).This means an actual hole all the way through the sheet metal (we need to be able to see it was rusted}. Sheet metal may be overlapped by 1'' max all the way around the hole and welded.
3.Any repairs need to be okayed before you do it so call or text before you
do it

At anytime you wish to protest during the event it will be a fee of a $100 before it will be looked into.
Bill Garrison 765-698-4051
Devon Nickolas at 317-512-2903
John Adams 765-265-5714  
Dave Friend 812-212-3755

Everton Outrage Rules

1.All cars must have a fire extinguisher in the car
2.Battery and fuel tank must be securely bolted down. Wire and straps are not acceptable
3.Battery and gas tank must be covered and the battery must be secured
4.Cars must be completely stripped of flammables. You will not run with flammables still in car.
5.Driver must have a helmet, safety glasses and seatbelt.
6.Long sleeve shirts and pants are required .
7.No holding or teaming, NO excuses

Body (inside)

1.Weld all seems ( inside body)
2.All interior must be removed except front seat
3.Body mounts can be removed and bolted to frame with ¾ inch bolts
4.Body mount plates no bigger than 4x4x1/4 inches and can be welded to inside of body
5. 4x4x1/4 inch 4 point cage is allowed no further than 4" behind the seat
6. gas tank protector is okay no closer than 4" from sheet metal wagons cannot go past front of wheel humps
7. you can one bar 4" behind seat if you don't run cage
8.You can have a cowl bar if you don’t run cage
9.NO kickers
10.Shifter can be moved to transmission hump (floor) and shifter is okay
11.Gas tank and battery box must be moved to inside car
12.You can fix rust with 1” inch overlap, sheet metal patches must be same thickness as sheet metal
13.Transmission cooler permitted must be secured

Body ( Outside)

1.Weld all body seams
2.Smash doors down and weld on top
3.Holes for headers or 12 inch hole for hood inspection
4.Hoods can be bolted down in 6 places withup to 1 inch all – thread, must be open for inspection. Hood sheet metal may be bolted together or welded.
5.Wagons may have tailgates cut in half to be made shorter 
6.Sedans may have trunk welded but must have a 16” inch inspection hole
7.May plate weld doors if you don’t seam weld. Door plates can be 3 inch steel 1/8 inch thick
8.Can No.9 wire core support to bumper in 4 places (double strands)
9. must have to run One window bar in windshield or 4 strands of no.9 wire (double strands)
10. body creasing is allowed
11.Where wire is used no homemade washers biggest washer you can use is 3” inch by 1/8 inch
12.You can fix rust but only 1 inch overlap

Engine Compartment

1.Any motor permitted
2.You can cut firewall for distributor clearance
3.Engines can be welded or chained down no transmission braces or protecters
4.Radiator straps permitted
5.May have hand controlled throttle for back up incase throttle cable failure
6.Headers allowed 
7.Lower engine cradle is permitted, and must not strengthen the front frame in any way


1.Any tire and rim permitted 


1. fab bumpers allowed square tubing bumper no bigger than 4x6x1/4
2.Any year bumper permitted as long as it dose not exceed a 74 impala point
3.Seam welding bumpers allowed 
4.Replica bumpers allowed
5.Can hard nose bumpers to frame

Height Requirement and limit
1.Front bumper must not be higher than 30” inches to the top of bumper
2.Rear bumper must be no lower than 16” inches to the bottom of the bumper


1.Can collapse and weld bumper shocks to frame and weld bumper to shock
2. seam welds on frame from firewall forward this is the only seam welding allowed.
3.Can leaf spring any coil spring (main must be on top)
No more than 8 springs per side 
Springs can be no longer than 65 inches
No wider than 3 inches
No thicker than 3/8 inches
Leaf springs may be under or on top the rear end 
Can have 5 clamps per side per spring
4.Any 5 lug rear end or ¾ ton rear end is permitted
5.Rear ends must appear stock may run pinion brake if desired 
6.Any gear is acceptable
7.Strut bars allowed to strut rear of cars, no bigger than 1” inch all-thread
8.Can notch or dimple rear frame
9.Front suspension may be welded solid
10.coil spring cars may weld coil springs in place may have full hump plates 1/4 thick not to exceed 3'' past humps
11. 6 square  4x6x1/4 plates allowed 
12. Leaf spring cars may use 2 of your 6 4x6x1/4  plates or your humps

At anytime you wish to protest during the event it will be a fee of a $100 before it will be looked into.
Bill Garrison 765-698-4051
Devon Nickolas at 317-512-2903
John Adams 765-265-5714  
Dave Friend 812-212-3755

Everton Full Size Youth Class Rules

General Rules:

Any 1980 or newer automobiles. No Hearse, Limousines, special service, El Caminos cars, or SUVs. NO all-wheel drive or 4- Wheel drive or checker cabs, select 77 and newer true metric cars are allowed. (Not sure call)
First and fore most this class is intended to be fun, let’s keep it that way. 1st time drivers or youth participants with little to no experience ages 10-16 that are looking to gain knowledge and seat time. 
All glass, plastic, pot metal and fiberglass must be removed. Nothing may remain in the bottoms of the trunk and doors; car must be swept clean of all debris and glass.
All door handles, mirrors, chrome, moldings, screws, fiberglass, plastic etc. must be removed.
Rear seats, carpets, door panels headliners must be removed and all decking in station wagons must be removed.
Fire suit and gloves long pants long sleeves are HIGHLY RECCOMENDED
A snell Approved helmet is HIGHLY RECCOMENDED
All flammable materials must be removed from the car other than safety padding on the driver’s DASHES AND WIRING MAY BE LEFT INTACT
Air bags must be removed if cars are equipped with them. All motor fans must be covered, and an air cleaner is mandatory.
A notarized waiver will be needed to participate in this class.


Drive Train:

(Engine/Transmission Rearend) swaps are permitted but it is not mandatory.
Engines and transmission must be mounted using factory rubber style automotive engine and transmission mounts in the factory location and in factory style, No type of aftermarket engine mounts permitted.
No full or lower or front engine cradles, midpalates, distributor or transmission protectors allowed No aftermarket aluminum bell housings stock transmission bells only.
Headers are permitted electrical components may be relocated and foamed into place if applicable.
A factory 5 bolt rearend must be used rearend may be welded. Do not reinforce housing.
No aftermarket axles factory trailing arms only.
Stock driveshaft must be used no slider shafts.
No aftermarket transmission or engine coolers.
Factory aluminum engine cradles in 2003 and newer cars may NOT be changed or altered. No homemade cradles.
2003 newer you may use an SMW engine mount or equivalent ¼’’ may bolt in only. You still must maintain factory style block and frame mounts. 


Must run stock suspension components for make and model for that car. Original A-arms, leaf springs, coil springs, spindles, hubs, ball joints, control arms, shock absorbers and struts.
Front suspension Maybe locked into place with one piece of 2’’ x 4’’ x1/4’’ welded on the upper A-arm to the frame only.
2003’s Must have the stock rack it came with, it may be changed or swapped out.
Leaf spring cars must have factory original steering components. No reinforcing tie rods No aftermarket tie rods.
You may cut /notch/dimple the rear frame rails.
Front sway bars must be attached using the factory brackets mounts. No welding or relocating.
No excess shorting front frame rails past the front body mount hole/ leave a 1’’ space.
NO plating, tilting, cold- bending, seam welding, pinning, adding of metal to any place on or inside of frame.


No body mounts may be touched. Except for the core support you can have a 2'' spacer and 5/8 all tread
No bolts in wheel lips of any kind wheel lips may be cut and folded up for wheel clearance only.
Door’s trunk and tailgates must be bolted, chained 3/8’’ chain, 9 wire two strands or welded shut with a 3’’x 3’’x1/4’’ plate in 3 spots per seam. Sheet metal to sheet metal. The driver’s door may be plated and welded solid, a 3’’ overlap onto adjacent panels is permitted.
Trunk/Tailgate must remain in OEM positioning. Or be removed all together. No dipping of trunk or speaker deck. The truck may be folded in a 90-degree angle, folded section may not be welded or attached to trunk floor to any manner. No creasing allowed on any body panels. No sedagons,
Hood may be attached in 4 spots, hoods maybe 9 wired 2 strands max. chained 3/8’’ max or bolted with1/2’’ bolts 4 spots a 2’’ long piece of 2’’x 2’’ x1/4’’ angle iron can be welded to the hood and fenders in 4 spots for bolting purposes.
A 12’’inspection hole must be cut in the trunk deck and hood. No bolts are allowed around the cut out.
An air conditioning condenser may be bolted across the front of the core support and bolted in 4 spots to help hold radiator in place.
You must have a front window bar, chain or wire to prevent hood from entering the driver’s compartment. Can only be attached to top of fire wall dash bar and the first 3’’ of the roof and fire wall. Maximum 2’’ wide ¼’’ thick
No rear window bars permitted. 


You may have a 4-point cage for safety 2’’ x 6’’ or 4’’ x 4’’ max 4’’ long gusset length max. Must be welded securely to sheet metal using a plate no larger than 8’’ x 8’’ x1/4’’ A halo bar is permitted, may only be attached to the cage and roof in 2 places.
A gas tank protector is permitted, maximum of 32’’ width. Gas tank protector must be attached to rear cage bar, it must be 5’’ from everything.

Bolt in Accessories:

After market shifters, gas pedals and brake pedals are the only accessories allowed.
Driver Compartment:

Tires & Rims:

Any air- filled tire permitted. Doubled tires are allowed.
Wheel weights must be removed.
Any OEM wheel, small multi-lug wheel centers, valve steams protectors and lip guards permitted.
(max 1’’ wide) narrowed wheels are permitted. No full wheel centers, bead locks or solid tires permitted.

Gas Tank & Battery:

Battery must be relocated to behind the front seats and be covered. Must be securely fastened with bolts ½’’ max No ratchet straps or bungee cords can be used as hold down. Battery Boxes may be mounted to cage or floor, may not strengthen car in any way.
PLATIC FUEL TANKS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. All stock gas tanks MUST be removed from cars, fuel cells are required. Must be located to the back seat area. All gas tanks must be sealed and vented too outside. Electric fuel pump may be used, must have an off & on switch clearly marked on the dash.


Any year factory automotive bumpers may be used on front & rear. Bumper seams maybe welded.
After market bumpers are permitted. Example a SMH Heavy Front 3/16’’ or equivalent 
No loaded bumpers. No sharp points or jagged edges.
The center point must be tapered over 24’’ with a 4’’ point.
A straight/flat/hollow piece of tubing maximum dimensions of 2’’ x 6’’ or 4’’ x 4’’ x ¼’’ thick. If using the method nothing can be wider than the fenders.
Bumpers must be open on both ends so we can see inside. No internal gussets are allowed.

Bumper Mounting:

Option #1 Hardnosed. If hardnosed the internal bumper shock must be removed, A 6’’ x 6’’ x ¼’’ plate can be welded to the front-end-cap of the frame not down the sides.
Option #2 Bumper may be welded to the factory collapsed bumper shock. Bumper shock cannot be welded to frame. 
Unibody Chryslers can weld the first 2’’ of the bumper shock to the side of the frame.
No excessive shortening of the front frame rails past the front of the body mount hole, leave 1’’ of material in front of body mount hole.  

Rust Repair:

Body rust repair must use the same thickness metal 1’’ overlap on to good steel/sheet metal and must be stitch welded. All repairs must be oked so call 1st.
Frame Rust repair, Please call for clarification.

Always ask, never assume. “IF IT DOESN’T SAY YOU CAN, THEN YOU CAN’T!!!”
Drivers are only allowed in the inspection area; no other crew is allowed. You will pre-pay before inspection. If your car does not pass inspection, NO Refunds!
Drivers must wear DOT helmet, eye protection, long pants, and long sleeve shirt and closed toed shoes. Fire suits are always recommended, but not required. Helmets must stay on the entire time in the car. Only get out of the car if told okay to do so. Drivers must make an aggressive hit every 60 seconds.
Inspection will start approximately 3 hours prior to the event, please be on time. Inspection closes 1 hour prior to event start time. NO Exceptions!!!

At anytime you wish to protest during the event it will be a fee of a $100 before it will be looked into.
  For more information please Contact within respectable hours:
  Bill Garrison 765-698-4051
  Devon Nickolas at 317-512-2903
John Adams 765-265-5714 Dave Friend 812-212-3755

Make sure you read these rules carefully for any updates to this years rules. We will be going off these rules with NO exceptions. More than 5 infractions you will be put on the trailer. The officials calls will be final. Also NO Door hits will be permitted. Consider this your warning! If these rules do not say you can do it save yourself the hassle and don't do it! This is not a team derby and we will not put up with sandbagging or team driving of any sort. 6 patch plates across the board fresh or preran car.